Frugal Dad’s Top Pest Control Blogs

Frugal Dad’s Top Pest Control Blogs

We all, no matter if we live in an apartment or house, rented or owned, have to deal with pests. If you haven’t yet, I can assure you, your time will come. For those of you who have gone through any kind of pest situation know how frustrating and often times expensive it can be. That’s why we’ve gone through and listed in one convenient place Frugal Dad’s Top Pest Control Blogs.

Covering topics ranging from general information, to specific tips and hints for dealing with the various pests you may come across, these blogs are at once highly informative and frequently entertaining, taking everything in stride.

The blogs we feature are from authors as varied as the Entomology Department at University of Kentucky and the Nebraska IPM School to advice from the most popular pest control companies like Termidor and Sprague. Most of the best money-saving advice comes from the pest control companies themselves, while the best general information often comes from the blogs that don’t necessarily offer services, but link to places that do.

Whatever information you’re looking for, we’re positive you’ll find it below. Just browse through the featured articles and enjoy! Be sure to share this list with friends and fellow sufferers of pest problems if you found it helpful, and remember to post our badge on your page to spread the news! Go directly to badge.

1. Pest World is a helpful resource for learning about the latest news in regards to pests and rodents. They provide information about identifying pests as well as strategies for dealing with or preventing infestation.
Popular Post: Don’t Let Pantry Pests Invade Your Holiday Recipes

2. The Daily Entomologist provides helpful knowledge about insects from the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology. In the posts, they discuss upcoming events as well as information about these fascinating creatures.
Popular Post: Sept. 8 120 Year Celebration

3. Rentokil is an international resource for pest control and information. The provide articles about various types of insects and tips for dealing with them.
Popular Post: Giant Spiders Are Taking Over Our Planet

4. Nebraska IPM School discusses various methods of pest control management. The company also educates and trains future pest control professionals.
Popular Post: Bed Bugs Are Big News!

5. Truly Nolen shares fascinating and helpful information about pests and rodents. They also provide the latest news and developments in the war on bed bugs.
Popular Post: 2012: Year of the bed bug war

6. ABC Home and Commercial is a family-owned pest control company with several decades of experience. On their blog they share tips and advice about dealing with pests as well as information about landscaping and home maintenance.
Popular Post: Natural Solutions for Austin Safe Pest Control

7. Termidor is a professional termite control product with proven results. On their site, the company shares information about their products as well as advice for dealing with termites.
Popular Post: Save Time and Money

8. AZ Pest Control is a pest control company with decades of experience and glowing reviews. On their blog they share helpful information about infestations that their community needs to know.
Popular Post: Africanized Killer Bee Control

9. Arrow Exterminators offers helpful tips about maintaining a pest-free home. Their articles are entertaining as well as informative.
Popular Post: Not a Creature was Stirring. Not Even a Mouse!

10. Assured Environments is a pest control and extermination company with 50+ years of experience. Their blog provides information about contests as well as exciting company developments.
Popular Post: Assured Environments Launches Digital Billboard, Facebook Sweepstakes With $5,000 Prize

11. Bulwark Exterminating shares information about pests specific to certain areas where readers may live within the U.S. They also share information about their technology and a Home Assessment to figure out tips specific to one’s own needs.
Popular Post: House Mouse

12. Clark Pest Control is one of the largest family-owned and operated pest control companies in the US. They offer helpful information about a variety of pests and advice about dealing with them.
Popular Post: Bed Bug Conference Tour 2012 is just around the corner

13. Insects in the City offers interesting insights into the pest control industry. They also share expertise in various insects; scorpions, spiders, termites and ants. This is a helpful resource for pest information.
Popular Post: Verdict in Utah Deaths

14. NW Exterminating has more than 20 years of experience in pest control in southern Arizona. They share interesting information about the process of pest control as well as helpful information about seasonal pests and things to watch for.
Popular Post: Caveman Pest Control

15. PestPac Software allows pest control companies with helpful resources for them to achieve their goals. They offer industry information about new products and developments.
Popular Post: Marathon Data Systems – Google Maps Powered VRM for Pest Pac Available

16. Plunkett’s Pest Control offers incredibly helpful information to readers about identifying pests, quotes, the drawbacks of not hiring a professional, and news about seasonal intruders. Their blog posts detail strategies for infestation prevention as well as addressing common pest questions.
Popular Post: Study Shows Bed Bugs Don’t Like Hairy Humans

17. ProBest offers customizable services in pest control and a Wood Infestation Report for homebuyers and sellers. Their blog posts detail information about news and tips about pests as well as industry information.
Popular Post: Illegal Pesticides Sold In NY

18. Rose Pest Solutions offers and incredible 150 years of pest control experience to customers. They share with readers helpful insights into avoiding infestation and what to do if it occurs.
Popular Post: What Every Mom Needs to Know About Bed Bugs

19. Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions shares helpful advice about spotting and identifying pests as well as seasonal and regional information. Their posts are helpful and interesting to read.
Popular Post: Why Mouse Traps Aren’t Enough to Solve Your Problem

20. Sprague is a pest control company serving the northwest region of the continental United States. They strive to employ environmentally sound method of pest control by reducing the use of pesticides. They also offer helpful advice on their blog about dealing with different pests.
Popular Post: Putting the bite on bedbugs

21. Wildlife Control Supplies offers information about wildlife control and animal handling in their informative blog. Their blog details information about legislation as well as and ecological effects of wildlife control.
Popular Post: Rodenticides affected by EPA’s Risk Mitigation Ruling

22. Adams’s Pest Control has an excellent reputation for providing superb customer service. Their blog contains helpful and informative posts about dealing with pests and sustaining health.
Popular Post: How to Treat for Mosquito

23. Action Pest Controller uses tested methods of pest control with the environmental impact in mind. Their blog is full of helpful information about avoiding infestation.
Popular Post: Spring Brings A Lot More Than Just Showers And Flowers… Carpenter Ants Come Too!

24. APM Entomologist shares his decade plus of experience as a board certified Entomologist with readers with information about dealing with a variety of critters. Also available on this blog is interesting quips about the fascinating world of insects.
Popular Post: Cool video of Altriset-treated Termites

25. All Florida Bee Removal is owned and operated by a licensed pest control operator and entomologist, Richard Martyniak. On his blog, he offers information about bees and hornets as well as promotions.
Popular Post: But I Know these bees aren’t Africanized Killer Bees!

26. American Pest Control offers readers interesting insights into insects and pest control. Also available on their blog are helpful D.I.Y. tips for preventing invasion.
Popular Post: Termite Chewing Technology

27. American Pest has been serving homes and businesses with their pest control needs since 1925. Their blog posts offer helpful advice about protecting people from harmful infestation.
Popular Post: Pathogens linked to Colony Collapse Disorder

28. Arizona Bug Lady has 30+ years of experience in the pest control industry. Her blog provides fascinating information about insects as well as information about seasonal insect issues.
Popular Post: Experts Warn Scorpion Stings On the Rise as Weather Heats Up

29. Arizona’s Termite Expert is an excellent resource for learning about the different kinds of termites. Their posts are thorough and helpful in sharing ideas for preventing big problems with infestation.
Popular Post: Arizona Termite Prevention

30. Bed Bugs and Beyond offers trusted, unbiased information for pest control professionals about news in the industry. Their posts include insights into what techniques and which ones don’t.
Popular Post: Bed Bug Myths Busted!

31. Life in the Rat’s Hole utilizes several techniques for preventing pest invasion in clients’ homes. They also offer helpful information and advice about dealing with a pest invasion.
Popular Post: What is IPM (Integrated Pest Management)?

32. Bird B Gone shares helpful service and advice about solving pest bird problems. Their blog posts include interesting, helpful, and humorous information sure to keep your attention.
Popular Post: Chennai Airport to Hire Agency to Study Spike in Late Night Bird-hits

33. Bug Busters USA has been named by the Pest Control Technology Media Group on one of the “Top 100 Companies in Nation.” They offer information on different risk factors for infestation on their blog and new information on changes in insect populations.
Popular Post: Flea Populations on the Rise

34. Pest Cemetery sharing information about dealing with and eliminating pest problems. From the expert advice from a certified Entomologist with two decades of experience, readers can ask questions to understand what is plaguing them.
Popular Post: Pincer Bugs AKA Earwigs

35. ChemTec Pest Control is a family-owned pest control company with 80 years of experience responding to customer concerns. They offer helpful and informative advice as well as interesting knowledge about small critters.
Popular Post: How to Spot a Bed Bug Bite

36. Collins Pest Management offers a science-based system for managing pest infestations and education about sanitation. Their blog posts are informative and captivating.
Popular Post: Changing Seasons – Termites are back!!

37. Connor’s Pest Protection offers fascinating information about insects and other potential pests. Their blog disputes myths and common misconceptions about the little critters.
Popular Post: 3 Kinds of Stinging Insects

38. Daimer Industries offers helpful information about home cleaning and steam cleaners. Their posts detail information about understanding what features are needed when purchasing a steam cleaner.
Popular Post: The Unsurpassed Hardware Specifications for Steam Cleaners

39. Eco Green is a non-toxic, ecologically safe cleaning chemical company. Their posts feature details about why it is important to by green products and information about their chemicals.
Popular Post: Why Green Chemicals are a Must

40. EnviroPest has been a family-owned and operated pest control company for over 50 years. Their posts offer helpful information about bugs and insects as well as advice for dealing with them.
Popular Post: Look Out For Bed Bugs After The Holidays

41. Get Rid of Bed Bugs offers interesting knowledge about Bed Bugs and advice about getting rid of them. Their posts also include news and information about outbreaks, which is helpful to readers.
Popular Post: Quiet commercials, bed bugs and Chi Chi Rodriguez await Congress

42. Griffin Pest Solutions has been managing pests in commercial & residential facilities since 1929. Their expertise is apparent in their helpful and informative posts.
Popular Post: Bed Bug Travel Tips

43. Gunter Pest Management offers readers informative posts about how pests could affect them. They also share customer reviews and company news.
Popular Post: Gunter Wins Another Award

44. Hearts Consulting Group offers pest control companies a resource for improving their business. Their posts detail changes in the industry as well as advice for refining practices.
Popular Post: I am NOT an exterminator!

45. Heron Lawn & Pest Control is the fastest growing company of its kind in the United States. They share advice about preventing potential home problems as well as company and industry news.
Popular Post: Cold weather is here!!! It’s time to Winterize your lawn with winter applications

46. HomePro is a family owned pest control business that shares with readers helpful tips about protecting homes and families from pest invasion. Their humorous and insightful ideas are interesting and informative.
Popular Post: Can I get termites from mulch?

47. Hulett environmental services shares in-depth expertise and experience with readers, advice about protecting families and homes. They share interesting and advantageous posts regularly.
Popular Post: Add us to your Google+ Circles

48. Illinois Bed Bug Dog shares insightful information about safeguarding your home from pest invasion. Their site also features an adorable dog who happens to be their company mascot.
Popular Post: No to “DIY” Bed Bug Elimination!

49. NoPests is the blog of JPMcHale Pest Management, which has been in business for 40+ years. They share a plethora of advice and information about protecting ones home from annoying and harmful critters.
Popular Post: New York Pest Control Blog

50. Massey Services has been serving customers for over 75 years and shares their helpful insights into protecting families from pest invasion. Their down-to-earth approach at informing readers about potential problems is enlightening.
Popular Post: Termite Swarm Season Is Here

How do you plan on avoiding the pest problem? Do you have secret pest control tips? Tell me in the comments!

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