Birds Are Using Cigarette Butts To Stave Off Pests

Birds Are Using Cigarette Butts To Stave Off Pests

A new study that was conducted suggests that birds are partaking in pest control on their own. Birds are lining their nests with cigarette butts to repel pests and keep themselves warm. “It appears that this effect may be due to the fact that mites are repelled by nicotine, perhaps in conjunction with other substances, because thermal traps laced with cellulose from smoked butts attracted fewer ectoparasites than traps laced with non-smoked cellulose. This novel behaviour observed in urban birds fulfils one of the three conditions necessary to be regarded as self-medication: it is detrimental to parasites” Said Dr Constantino Macias Garcia, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. To read more about his interesting article checkout:

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